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Repairing an air conditioner in Los Angeles, CA

Most visitors to our website are looking for air conditioning repairs in the Los Angeles area. But some consumers who may be looking for a somewhat inexpensive way to heat various rooms in their home may want to check out radiant heating ideas.

Radiant heat can sometimes be installed by a good do-it-yourselfer or a handyman. Radiant heat uses the concept that hot air rises, as the heating unit is installed under the floor.

A radiant heating unit can be added to just a specific room or rooms, with minor expense. A thin heating mat is assembled and installed under the carpet.

The units come in various sizes. The mats include looped heating coils that are placed between layers of polyester. The system is very thin – around 1/16″. The units are usually fairly easy to install. If you’re not into the DIY projects, you may want to contact an electrician.

Los Angeles area consumers who learn how to install radiant heat units may help you to become your own heating repairman.

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