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Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles

Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles 300x200 Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles

Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles

You’ve probably all heard the term “HVAC” in reference to air conditioning and heating. Before you call us for your AC repair in the Los Angeles area, you may want to get a better idea what HVAC stands for.

Basically, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


H, or heating: This is related to electrical heating, radiators, fire place stoves and furnaces.

V, or ventilation: Ventilation refers to the circulation of air in either an open are or an enclosed space. Ventilation can occur naturally or it can be forced, through the use of ventilators, chimneys, blowers, etc.

AC, or air conditioning: Believe it or not, air conditioning does not just mean the cooling of air. It is a more generic term that means the air is being conditioned to one’s comfort level. Air conditioning equipment can cool, heat, change the humidity, circulate air or purify the air.

Various equipment used to condition air include: and air conditioner, a heat pump or a mechanical cycle air conditioner.

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