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Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Los Angeles

aircondition Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Los Angeles

The most common way to condition air is through a device called a mechanical air conditioner. There are several types of mechanical air conditioning units:

* Steam-based
* Gas absorption
* Mechanical
* Thermoelectic

Steam based: This system takes advantage of the power of steam to reduce the pressure of water. At low pressure water will boil at a low temperature, turning into a refrigerant.

Gas absorption: Uses, water as its refrigerant. The system uses the principle of vacuum, to encourage boiling of water at very low temperature. The water will be passed through cooling coil, for producing cool air.

Lithium bromide will be used as the absorption (or recovery) medium, once the water has passed through the cooling coil.

Mechanical: Mechanical AC units need to continuously conduct refrigeration compression in order to cool or heat. Mechanical units such as HCFCs and HFCs, which work at low boiling temperatures.

Thermoelectric: This type of AC uses thermocoupling to heat and cool at the same time. Using electrical power and thermocouple, electricity flows through the circuit, heating one area, while cooling another. The down side to this system is that is can only affect limited areas.

Understanding the different air conditioning systems will help you become a better heating and air conditioning consumer.

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