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aircondition Heating Repair Los AngelesLooking for ways to keep your home cool without cranking the air conditioning? Below are a bunch of suggestions for helping to keep your air conditioning bill — and your home temperature — low:

Reflect Heat: Use light-colored surfaces on your home’s exterior. This will reflect sunlight away from the home. Dark colors will absorb sunlight and increase the heat of your home.

Roofs: Your roof is one of the most important factors in protecting your home from heat or frigid air. A roof covered with a quality reflective coating and properly insulated will go a long way in keeping your home the right temperature.

Wall color: Just like the outside of your home, white or lighter-colored walls will help to cool your home better than darker walls.

Windows: There are several ways your windows can be used to keep your home the proper temperature. Reflective window tinting is one method; and another is installing dual-pane windows.

Landscaping: Is your property exposed to too much sunlight? Adding some landscaping may be a good way to add shade, block sunlight and cool off your property.

Insulation: Make sure you have quality insulation throughout your home, including weather stripping, caulking and insulation in your walls, attic and roof areas.

Ceiling fans: A good ceiling fan can reduce the room temperature by around four degrees.

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